Truly enjoying your financial and personal successes count for less when you are not in the best of health. These days we all seem to be trying to be healthier. We strive to eat healthy, exercise more, and balance our lifestyle between work, family and leisure time. This idea is everywhere in our culture, and Kenyans alone spend upwards of 100 billion on healthcare every year. Why do we feel like something is still missing? Are we just hamsters on the wheel, constantly running nowhere? How do we acquire that “joie de vie”? How do we create a lifestyle that promotes a healthy life and longevity? Well, I’ve got news for you, and it’s the news you need to know. Your wellness is NOT solely determined by eating healthy foods and exercising or moving your body daily.” Don’t get me wrong, they’re still a very important part of the big picture, but the new model for wellness is much bigger than you could imagine This model is built upon many pillars of health including: - Nutrition - Exercise - Lifestyle - Genetics - Emotional health These factors can impact your overall health, not just today, but 10, 50, even 100 years from now. There is a new generation of centenarians who are living healthy lives into their 100s! These folks are able to bypass many age-related illnesses and live darn good lives! And, no, there is no Fountain of Youth, nor is it due to a miracle pill, vitamin or ancient herb. The new wellness paradigm is pretty powerful but will require you to broaden your perspective about how you view and practice the many disciplines of great health. The good news is this; the only medicine you need is already inside of you... your biological “inner pharmacy”. Remember, at every single moment of every single day, your body is either “growing” or “slowing”, using bodily energy to keep your body functioning optimally. When you uncover how to help your whole self and enhance every beautiful gene strand and cell you were born with, you’ll be able to understand the simple complexity of your body’s ability to stay young and healthy. So what will your choices be? How will YOU create momentum toward becoming more resilient and adaptable to life’s ebb and ow? Yes, there WILL be low tides, high tides, bumps, riptides, fat waves and maybe even a few tsunamis along the way. So “open up” to the new wellness paradigm and discover a new world of ideas and disciplines to make your healthiest you! We believe in the ability of your body to heal itself Our services include • Chiropractic • Hands on therapy • Physiotherapy • Taping