ASTRADENTAL SERVICES 1ST FLR MPAKA PLAZA | WWW.ASTRADENTAL.CO.KE INTRODUCTION Astradental Services wasfirst established in March 2011 as an online oral health education resource. In October 2011 Astradental Practice was established to provide dental treatment.With our growing experience and successful treatments we have now established a second treatment unit in our practice. At Astradental Services we are proud of our unique brand of gentle dentistry. We do everything we can to make your visit comfortable and even enjoyable. By explaining your treatment choices every step of the way, we help you to make informed decisions. We treat you with honesty compassion and respect. As one of the most advanced dental clinics in Kenya, we keep up with the latest developments in dentistry and our specialists are continuously trained to offer exceptional services. We provide specialist services in house in advanced esthetics, oral maxillofacial surgery and children and braces treatments. Astradental Services was established by Dr. Lucy Mutara, BDS, and MMED P. Health (NBI). This clinic was started with the unique concept of patient involvement throughout the treatment journey. Our comprehensive consultation includes taking your dental and medical history as well as examination using an intra-oral camera where you can see exactly what your teeth look like. Priority is given to Safe dentistry, Sterilization, Patient Information, Consultation and explanation of treatment and the follow up after treatment. Right from the day of its establishment this clinic has striven and succeeded in providing quality dental care. Philosophy Preventive practice: We are aware that over 90% of dental diseases are preventable and it our philosophy to provide tailor made preventive advice for each of our clients. The most common is correct, tooth brushing techniques and the effect of a surgery or acidic diet on tooth decay. OUR AIM. Our aim is to provide ultimate treatment care for a wide group of population as we recognized the need to increase access to oral health care. Vision To be the hospital of choice in our region recognized as having the most satisfied clients, the best possible clinical quality and outcomes, and the best specialists and employees. We aim to achieve this by continuous improvement of our protocols by internal and external validation. The Core values All our members at Astradental believe in and practice these values: Clients first We put the client first in all we do. No matter where in the clinic we work, we remember always that caring for the individual client and his/her family is at the heart of our mission and our philosophy. Integrity We adhere to uncompromising code of ethics that emphasizes complete honesty, transparency and sincerity. Through our words and actions, we earn the complete trust of our clients and their families, our community and our co-workers. We seek to do the right thing, always and everywhere, in our day-to-day work and lives. Excellence We continuously strive for excellence. We never stop learning and working to improve our skills, programs and services. Teamwork We can only achieve our mission and goals by working together. Through the collective and coordinated efforts of our staff, we apply our diverse talents, backgrounds, ideas and experiences to create solutions and benefit clients .we value team success over individual success. OUR STRENGTHS. 1. Our approach to your dental health is both PREVENTIVE and COMPREHENSIVE. PREVENTIVE We are particularly concerned to work with you to help prevent problems in the first place. We will ask you details about your health and lifestyle which will help us to give you the best advice with regard to tooth brushing, diet and fluoride and the best oral healthcare techniques for you. We use testing and screening methods to confirm the most effective, efficient and least invasive way to treat each patient individually. The outcome of this approach is increased longevity and health of the teeth and gums. We like our patients to feel informed, which in turn helps them to feel relaxed and comfortable towards their dental treatment. 2. COMPREHENSIVE. We are always available for emergency patients on the day, can accommodate international patients and those who have to travel from country/rural areas. We can also provide a same day Scale & Clean service. We offer the full range of dental treatment such as diagnosis, Laser teeth whitening, Restorative (fillings) Crown and Bridgework, Implants, Orthodontics (braces) and Endodontic (Root Canal Treatment). 3. PATIENTS SAFETY. We autoclave (steam sterilise) our hand pieces (drill) and instruments. Those few items which cannot be autoclaved are either disposable or cold sterilized using chemical solutions. All surfaces in the treatment rooms are cleaned and disinfected after each patient. Dental Solutions. The clinic aims at providing different specialities under one roof .With a multi-disciplinary approach these are: • Prevention of tooth decay and gum disease • White filings • Scale and polish • Simple and surgical tooth extraction • Root canal treatment • Children's dental care • Crowns & bridges • Dentures & Denture repairs • Implants • Oral Sedation • Tooth whitening • Orthodontics (braces) • Specialist referrals • Custom fitted mouth guards for sport and tooth grinding. • Sale of Oral Hygiene products Our partners We are appointed on the list of approved Dental clinics by the following organizations: 1. General Accident Insurance 2. Jubilee Insurance 3. Pacific Insurance 4. Clarkson insurance brokers 5. First Assurance Company 6. Madison Insurance 7. U.A.P Insurance 8. APA Insurance Contact us Location : Mpaka plaza along Mpaka road, Westlands. Telephone : 020-208 8043 Cell : 0732-561 558/0703-500 819 Email : [email protected] Website :