Every student dreams of a starling performance in class, games and sports. All teachers, parents and guardians invest a lot of time, money and emotions to see that their students and children perform at their peak. Braingain East Africa is a principal partner in providing solutions to leading to peak performance. Perhaps you are aware of the following or are affected by them directly or indirectly; Attention Deficit Disorder(ADD) Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder(ADHD) Autism Dyslexia Poor concentration Mediocre to underperformance All the above present challenges to students, parents and teachers in equal measure. Indeed they are very emotive issues which most parents would rather not accept to be affecting their children. Teachers may simply be at a loss how to cope and label their learners. The learners may hate school become truant, misbehaved and in worst case scenario go into depression or drugs. You are in the right site for support to cope and overcome all the above. May be you are not a learner but; Want to perform at your best in games and sports Seek to improve your performance at work Overcome past trauma, depression Recover from drug and substance abuse, migraines. You have come to the right place for support. As a parent perhaps you worry about the readiness of your child to enter into school. Perhaps your worry about their cognitive ability and motor coordination to cope with rigors of school. Talk to Braingain East Africa.