An important consistent trend about commercial aviation is that it is a fiercely competitive and highly volatile industry, in which fortunes shift continuously. As the drive towards a free, converging and global market gathers momentum, competition within the airline industry is expected to intensify. Increasingly open skies are likely to impact on yields, and extraordinary profits will increasingly be an exception. Given this potentially turbulent environment, the key to survival in the industry lies in whether an airline is able to clearly anticipate the patterns of change coming, the underlying forces driving these changes, and above all the ability to align its strategies to respond to a changing business and aero-political environment. With this in mind, Kenya Airways is committed to investing in the development of world-class information gathering capacity, analysis and interpretation so as to facilitate faster and correct business decision-making. This way, Kenya Airways hopes to enhance ability for rapid response to opportunities, threats and challenges in the market place. In concrete terms, in the next 10 to 20 years, Kenya Airways aims to grow into a decidedly dominant carrier in Africa with notable presence in Asia , Europe and the Americas , while operating a modern fleet of 30 to 40 aircraft. Kenya Airways intends to forge strong partnerships and be a respected member of the global airline community.