Makini College is the tertiary education and training arm of Makini School and it started its operations in 1997 at Kaboke House along State House Avenue – Nairobi. The college was running Marketing courses on a part-time basis with only five students.Due to high market driven demand for this course, the college expanded tremendously over two years and obtained full registration by the Ministry of Higher Education Science & Technology in accordance with section 15 (2) of the Education Act CAP 211 in the year 2000.In 2005, the college won 10 of the 15 highly coveted awards in the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM-UK) examinations. As a result, the college introduced new programs spanning the entire business related studies in the principal areas of Public Relations, Accounting, Purchasing and Supply, and Information Communications.Based on excellent performance in the field of Public Relations, Makini College was accredited as the first ever study centre for Public Relations in Kenya and the entire East Africa region. The Public Relations Society of Kenya also endorsed Makini College as the leading accredited study centre in Public Relations.In 2010, Makini College produced the top student worldwide in Marketing Postgraduate Diploma in the unit Marketing Leadership and Planning as examined by the Chartered Institute of Marketing.In 2011, Makini College was recognized as the Top CAM qualification Accredited Study Centre. It was also awarded as the Top CIM qualification Accredited Study Centre Kenya - 3 years in a row.