Passenger Transport and Courier Service in Kenya. Vision: To be an outstanding passenger transport and Courier service provider in the region. Mission: To provide first class, Executive, Safe, Reliable and Express passenger and Parcels transport services in Kenya. Travel Safe in Style and Comfort. WEC’s Core Values: Comfort Our Coaches are designed to allow comfort to the long distance travellers. With beautifully designed coaches which are not only spacious but are fitted with plush reclining seats on a luxury 1x1x1 configuration, our clients are guaranteed of a comfortable journey to their destination. Our coaches also feature state of the art entertainment. Safety WEC are committed to the safety of all passengers through observance of traffic rules. Currently, due to the Outbreak of the Covid-19 Virus, we have set up all the precautionary measures, as adviced by the Ministry of health, to curb the spread. Our coaches are manned by two very competent and well trained Drivers at any given time. Luxury Coach from: Nairobi to Kisumu-Kakamega-Mumias-Nambale. Nairobi-Chavakali-Luanda-Khwisero. Nairobi-Sigalagala-Bukura-Butere. Nairobi-Kisumu-Mbale-Khayega-Kakamega-Malava. Nairobi-Kisumu-Luanda-Bumala-Butula-Ogalo. #Ingo'sFinest